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Jet Boat Dolphin Cruise

Quick Details

Passenger Minimum Height: requirement of 42 inches

1 hour 30 min cruise on the Thrill Seeker Jet Boat!

This high speed exhilarating ride will combine traditional sightseeing cruises with the thrill of a jet boat ride. Cruise up the Intracoastal Waterway out to the Atlantic Ocean in search of wild bottlenose dolphins. It is About 9 mile ride of adrenaline sightseeing on the ICW on the way out to the ocean.

Passengers will pass by some of the most expensive waterfront real estate in the Myrtle Beach area in the Tidewater community. They will also pass through several marinas such as Cherry Grove Marina, Myrtle Beach Yacht Club, Cricket Cove Marina, and the Little River Waterfront.

Once we are past all of the homes and marinas we can open the boat up and show off what it can do. Cruise through the Little River Inlet and out to the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean. At any point during the trip we see dolphins the captain will stop the boat and make sure every gets a good view of them swimming through the water. The whole trip will be 1hr and 30 minutes. Narrated tour by the captain and first mate pointing out interesting sights along the way and giving some history about the area. During the cruising time of the tour we will have a rock and roll soundtrack playing that sets the mood for the thrilling ride.